Three of My Favourite Vegan Breakfasts

Breakfast has never been my favourite meal of the day and in the past I've definitely been guilty of skipping. But as part of my new year attempted health kick I've become a little more adventurous so I thought I'd share some of my favourite vegan breakfasts with you. Now, I am not actually vegan, however I've found eating two vegan meals a day (breakfast and lunch) has made me feel a lot less bloated and unintentionally led to me losing a bit of body fat. Also, I try to follow these breakfasts with a sliced apple or orange and a green tea (my caffeine for the day!). When I wake up I always have a pint of water too. 

I love to top these with a variety of fruit and nuts, walnuts being my favourite! I actually first had these pancakes in a cafe which then inspired me to research a recipe and make my own. FYI, if I'm having maple syrup on the pancakes then I wont bother adding the teaspoon of caster sugar Jamie adds. 

2. Good Old Fashioned Porridge
This is a super quick breakfast which I only really have when I've completely run out of time in the mornings. I sprinkle a few pumpkin seeds/whatever seeds I have to hand and drizzle with maple syrup (although in this picture it is actually honey). I use water unless I have oat/soya milk in the house. 

3. Vamped Up Porridge Using Deliciously Ella Granola/Muesli 
My go to, day to day breakfast. I combine my oats (usually quaker 2min quick oats because I'm lazy!) with a generous helping of Deliciously Ella Granola or Muesli and a mixture of seeds. The Deliciously Ella mixes add texture and sweetness to the porridge, plus more nuts/coconut/raisins etc.  Once they're cooked I add a chopped banana and will sometimes stir in some cinnamon, blueberries and/or maple syrup. 

Bobbi Brown Haul

I have been meaning to share this haul for weeks... but absolutely uselessly of me, I repeatedly forgot I'd already taken the pictures and instead kept posting something else. Nevermind, at least it's not a January favourites or anything particularly relevant to last month! So, in this mini haul I have two Bobbi Brown products. One I quite like and one I'm not a huge fan of.... The concealer is lovely, applied with fingers to warm it up a little I'd compare it to MAC Studio Finish. I need to try both together to work out which I prefer, I think the colour of this one is perfect for me though. The Shimmer Brick, I was so excited for because everyone loves them (late to the bandwagon I know). But I never find myself reaching to use this, it's too glittery for me. Maybe I'm just too in love with my Charlotte Tilbury one to be a fair judge?

Why NYR Loves Organic

I've just returned from some super inspiring Neal's Yard Remedies training and I couldn't wait to share what I've learnt so I'm just going to get stuck in! Did you know not all ingredients can be organic as the label refers to a system of farming, therefore only covering agricultural produce?! Natural ingredients such as water, clay and salt can't be called organic! That's why not all our products are 100% organic, for example our Seaweed Salt Scrub (which I live for btw) is only 6% organic but 100% natural. I thought that was cool haha. But anyway, below I am going to explain why organic is beneficial to us and the environment and why NYR chooses to use only organic/natural ingredients. Hope you find it interesting! 

Organically grown, natural ingredients are far richer in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and a Newcastle University lead study published in the British Journal of Nutrition says switching to organic crop consumption is equivalent to eating 1-2 more portions of fruit or vegetables a day! They also go into loads of detail on why the lower concentrations of toxic heavy metals, nitrogen and pesticides found on/in organic produce compared to conventionally grown produce is super beneficial! Organic farming is also great for the environment. It develops and maintains healthy soil which captures carbon from the atmosphere as well as reducing the impact of both flooding and droughts. It also means avoiding the use of artificial nitrogen-rich fertilisers which are a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Annnnd... I'm going to stop there because I still don't know how interesting this really is for people! But hopefully you can tell that I am loving learning about the ethics behind the company I work for and hopefully some of you are a bit inspired by what you've read and maybe even go organic too! The information I have gathered is from here and here.

2 Days in Northern Ireland

It always surprises people when I say I've never been to Scotland, Wales or Northern Island and to be honest I don't have a decent excuse as to why, other than they're so near me they get put on the back burner (aka I can go there when I'm old and don't want to fly very far). But as one of my closest friends has just moved to Belfast I thought I might as well visit... and I wasn't disappointed! Northern Ireland is absolutely beautiful, there is so much to see/do and the people are lovely. Plus I can't get enough of their enchanting accents! 

Obviously we had to go to Giants Causeway even though the weather wasn't amazing. But to be honest I think the dark, stormy sky added to the atmosphere and drama of the place. We went via The Dark Hedges, otherwise known as Kings Road! Do any of you recognise it from my picture? It looks quite different with a tarmac rather than dirt road but still a must for any Game of Thrones fans like myself! We drove back from the Causeway to Belfast via the scenic coastal route which took a while longer but was worth it, very beautiful coastline, countryside and little picturesque towns that reminded me of Cornwall! 

Belfast itself was lovely too although I didn't get any pictures. It's got a very interesting history which is still quite prominent today in the grafiti and general feel but I don't think as a tourist it detracts at all. I actually enjoyed learning about the history of Northern Ireland. I do wish we'd had time to visit the dockyards and the Titanic Museum but that'll have to be done next time. The amazing mexican we had on the first night at La Taqueria (which I 100% recommend) will also be on my list for next time! 

Beautiful New Swimsuit!

Yes, we're currently in the depths of winter here in England and this is a swimsuit post but look how beautiful it is... can you really blame me? Plus I had this lovely Roidal number gifted to me by UK Swimwear so I couldn't really say no! Coincidently I booked flights to Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand the same day this arrived so regardless of the chilly weather here, this swimsuit will be getting some real use very soon! However, as I have tried it on already I'll give you my thoughts on the quality/fit etc now.

By far, this is the most luxurious piece of swimwear I have ever owned and is completely incomparable to the bits I have from Topshop/New Look. The fabric is very thick but comfortable, holds in my belly nicely haha. There are moulded cups so great for someone with a slightly bigger chest like me, actually it's sold in cup sizes which is perfect. It's bandeau, comes with straps but doesn't slip down at all anyway (did a jump test!). And other than the fact I love the colours and pattern that's about it! I'll update this post after my trip to let you know how it fairs in the water even though I'm super confident in the quality already.

2017 Favourites

Second week in January... not too late for a 2017 favourites post right? I hope not, especially as this is my first scheduled Sunday post of the year, in keeping with one of my 2018 Goals! So here goes, I have skincare and makeup favourites, stationary and technology favourites, a favourite moment, favourite series, favourite youtube and podcast channels. A bit of a mixture but all stand out for the year just gone!

Skincare Favourites 
Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream - I can't believe I haven't done a post on this moisturiser yet because it is game changing. My acne scars have all but gone and I am well versed on other scar fading treatments, none of which work for me. This moisturiser is the reason I decided to become a NYR Consultant and is my personal best selling product as well as one of the company's.

Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Essential Oil - Again, why haven't I mentioned this before, I will amend this problem asap!! Lavender oil can literally be used for anything and is the only essential oil you can apply neat on skin. When I'm feeling stressed, down, have a headache, tired, have any joint pain (the list goes on) I apply a few drops to my pulse points, the soles of my feet or the specific area of pain. 

Makeup Favourites 
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - I use this palette daily alongside my eyebrow pencil and for smudgy eyeliner and crease colour. If I'm going all out I'll use the highlight shades for my inner corner and brow bone. The shades are simple, versatile and all but one is matte which for me is perfect day to day.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil - Best eyebrow pencil on the high street, I use the shade Taupe. It's a super fine pencil which makes my brows look natural but still defined and having a brush on the end is just handy!

Stationary and Technology Favourites
Staedtler Mars Micro Retractable Pencil - Obviously I am a stationary freak... and this may not seem overly exciting, impressive or worthy of a favourites but it is! This pencil has made my goal setting journal and diary so much tidier as I can amend things with no hassle... there is an eraser on the end! 

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones - These were a not so little treat for myself justified at the time, I can't remember how right this second, but I have no regrets investing in them! One flick of a switch and I am in my own world. It has changed flying for me as well as relaxing at home, drowning out the sound of my younger siblings! The noise cancelling is incredible, definitley try them on next time you're near a Bose.

Favourite Series 
Peaky Blinders - Firstly, I am so in love with Tommy. He has got to be one of the most beautiful characters ever created! Secondly, season four was amazing. I was constantly on the edge of my seat and completely encompassed by the storyline. I loved Adrien Brody and his New Yorker accent and Aiden Gillen was amazing too. The music was perfect as per... I can't say enough good things about this series, go watch! 

Favourite YouTube Channel and Podcast
Yoga with Adrian - By far the best yoga guru on YouTube. She is down to earth, happy and easy to follow, explaining lots of variations on poses for different abilities. Her channel has a video for literally everything from the obvious ones like back pain to energising morning routines. She focuses you on noticing what feels good for you rather than pushing to create perfect shapes and poses. 

The High Low - I've mentioned this podcast a couple of times but it obviously had to make my favourites list as I listen and look forward to it weekly. A 'weekly pop culture podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of the PanDolly Podcast'. It's funny, serious at times and not at others, informative and interesting. Can't go wrong with this one really, definitely recommend!

Favourite Moment of 2017
This is such a hard one! 2017 was an amazing year for me, I graduated, started a new business, lived in London while interning and visited friends all over the world! But my favourite moment would have to be landing in Auckland, completely alone and completely knackered from my 32 hour journey but so incredibly overwhelmed to be back in New Zealand after almost 18 years, the prospect of seeing my family and of two months exploring the beautiful islands ahead of me. I was so so so happy at that moment I shed a little tear. Looking back, the guy sat next to me must have thought I was mental ahaha!