17 of My Favourite Walks in New Zealand

I did a lot of walking in New Zealand... I mean a lot. Realistically not fit enough for the amount I did but anyway, I survived and massively enjoyed the majority of it so can't complain! I thought it would be cool to list (any excuse) my favourite walks and share some pictures of the spectacular scenery I encountered along the way. Then if any of you lovely lot decide to venture over to the other side of the world, some of these walk names may stick in your head and you'll do them! I've googled the return times for each walk but have to say, depending on weather conditions these can take much longer (avoid snowstorms where possible)! Some are really really short, however they are all beautiful and worth doing.

1. Queenstown Hill, Queenstown. 3hr return

2. Huka Falls, Taupo. 15min return

3. Blue Pools, Mt. Aspiring National Park. 1hr return

4. Stingray Bay/Cathedral Cove, Hahei. 2hr return

5. Wilkies Pool Loop Track, Egmont National Park. 1hr 20min return 

6. Lake Mangamahoe Taranaki Lookout, Taranaki. 10min return

7. Cullen Point Scenic Reserve Lookout, Havelock. 10min return

8. Abel Tasman Coastal Track (Torrent Bay to Marahau), Abel Tasman National Park. 9hr return 

9. Mt. Victoria Lookout, Wellington. 1.5hr return

10. Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki. 20min return

11. Franz Joseph Glacier Lookout, Franz Joseph. 1hr return

12. Rangitoto Summit Track, Auckland. 2hr return

13. Hokitika Gorge, Hokitika. 30min return

14. Waitangi Track, Paihia. 5hr return 

15. Hooker Valley Track, Mt. Cook National Park. 3hr return

16. Kea Point Track, Mt. Cook National Park. 2hr return

17. Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway. 3hr return

Long Journey Podcasts

The journey to and from NZ was insane. 32 hour flight including a 9 hour stopover in Beijing. I can safely say that without these podcasts I would have died of boredom. They distracted from swollen plane feet, screaming children, snoring seat neighbour and so on... My all time favourite podcast is Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young. Such classics, as are the archive episodes. I've listened to almost every one now because I'm a girl obsessed. But I have many favourites, though this post is specifically on my top 4! 

So, No.1 was Desert Island Discs (naturally!). Second up is The High Low, a weekly commentary on pop-culture/current events. I look forward to Thursdays because of this podcast! Third is The Guilty Feminist, again very funny but they also discuss/debate really hard-hitting topics. And lastly, Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I haven't listened to many of these but I was mesmerised by the interviews with Molly Ringwald, Sarah Jessica Parker and Dustin Hoffman. Give them a listen if you haven't already and if you have any podcast recommendations let me know!

Pictures From New Zealand

I'm finally back! Two months is so long not to have blogged, I feel out of practise so apologies if this is a bit rambly/makes no sense... New Zealand was amazing, more than amazing actually. I wish I was still there. But it's nice to be home despite the slight holiday blues (potentially just the weather here, it's freaking cold!). So until I snap out of my slump/get my arse in gear with blogging again, here are some beautiful pictures from a beautiful country that everyone should roadtrip at least once in their lives!!

Amazing glacial water at Hokitika Gorge

Mt. Cook National Park

Pohutu Geyser in Rotorua

Horse riding for a view of Franz Joseph Glacier

Kayaking break on an uninhabited island in The Bay of Islands

Kayaking on Lake Taupo (4hr trip?!)

View of Mt. Taranaki from Lake Mangamahoe

Amazing coastline somewhere near Punakaiki 

I have a few more posts planned which will include more details on what I did while on the other side of the world! But for now, I hope you like these pictures. Feels good to be blogging again, I'm going to go and catch up on all of yours now! Byeee x

Travel Plans & Goodbye for Two Months

I can't believe summer is over... My friend Grace and I managed one last kayaking trip before the weather got too shitty so that was lucky but still, I am in denial. However I do have something to look forward to! A two month backpacking trip around New Zealand. Flights are booked and I've started to pack/download enough podcasts to keep me going. I can't wait to leave but it does mean I'll be absent from the blog for a while. Not that I've been very active on here this summer anyway... but I thought I'd let you know regardless. I'll be on the plane when this posts so wish me luck! Ciao x

Beautiful H&M Home Collection

It may seem like I do a lot of pointless online browsing... which sometimes I have to say is true. But I've been pretty busy this summer so I haven't had much of a chance, let alone to share something I come across and love. But this collection from H&M Home is particularly up my street so I thought I'd stop being lazy and actually post on here for once! The minimal but rich dark greens and turquoises against the industrial windows are beautiful. I also love the patterned bedding and matching throw, the backdrop could make the room look cold but the textiles counter that perfectly. Combined with all the flora I think it looks very cosy! I'd love my house to look like this one day... a girl can dream!

Urban Decay Birthday Present!

Aren't I a lucky so and so?! My birthday was a few weeks ago now but I fancied showing you the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette which I received from my lovely best friends, because isn't it beautiful? 12 completely matte eyeshadows to play around with, great alongside my other eyeshadows which are mostly shimmery. I'm in love with the shade Extra Bitter! Very nineties and reminiscent of the new Urban Decay Heat Palette (which I love too but probably wouldn't be able to pull off!).

It was my 22nd birthday incase anyone was wondering! My friends and I went to Brighton for the day and ate out at The Olive Grove, in the lanes. A delicious Greek place with great outdoor seating, lots of space considering how cramped the lanes can be. I also celebrated with my family by visiting Hever Castle, one of my favorite places ever! You can read about Hever here in an old blog post of mine! And thats about it! Hope you have a lovely day x