My Top 5 Blushes- Mini Review Series

In the past I was never really a blush kind of girl, I thought because my skin was already pinky that I shouldn't bother using it. However that has changed now and I find myself using one everyday! These are my top five blush products, some of which are old and loved and some which are relatively new!

These are my top five picks. As you can see there are some high end and some affordable examples here and I'm sure many of you will recognise a few of them. Also I plan on making these top 5 posts a series which may include lip products, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners and anything else I think may benefit someone!

I have swatched them all above and will list them below from left to right. I couldn't say which one I liked best so they are in no order of preference.

Benefit Rockateur (buy here)
I got the blush after seeing it continuously recommended by Leighannsays, one of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus. It is super highlighting and smells amazing which I guess is quite weird but a plus in my books! The colour is a beautiful rose gold shade which I find really compliments my pale skin.

M.A.C Margin (buy here)
After seeing this blush on The Silver Doll I decided I had to get it. Its a really beautiful muted peach colour with a gold shimmer running through it which is really highlighting. I love using this blush on nights out because I find the frost finish really flattering in the artificial light.

M.A.C Breath of Plum (buy here)
My best friend and I decided to get each other blushes for Christmas! We picked out our own which is a little bit naughty but hey ho, we know what we want! I love this beautiful purple plum colour for the winter months as it matches my berry shaded lipsticks really well.

No.7 Soft Damson (buy here)
I have had the blush for years now as you can probably tell from the outdated packaging and the fact I have hit pan really badly now! Yet I still find myself using this on a regular basis as it is one of the only matte blushes I own and such a flattering colour against my pale skin.

Natural Collection Peach Melba (buy here)
This is my most coral shaded blush which I find great for summer and everyday wear. It is really creamy and soft unlike the other four blushes I picked which are more powdery. Also it is the cheapest out of all five at only £1.99 which I think is amazing for the quality you get!
Jenny x