My Top 5 Lipsticks- Mini Review Series

Rimmel 110 | Mac Ruby Woo | Rimmel 107 | Mac Diva | Topshop The Dammed
These are my top lipstick picks and aren't they lovely?! Lipstick packaging has always been my favourite as they can look so glamorous! I love these shades to bits and wouldn't be able to put them in any order of preference for you... sorry! Let me know what your favourite shade is in the comments. The swatches are in the same order as the photo above and as the descriptions below. Just looking at these beautiful colours makes me want to wear them more often, I think I'll have to step out of my comfort zone and wear them during the day. My boyfriend loves the red lipsticks on me but isn't as keen on the purple toned ones which I think is crazy!

Rimmel Kate Moss in 110 (buy here)
I got this lipstick super cheap in an ASOS sale which is still running if you want to check it out? It is a beautiful matte coral which really compliments my pale skin.

MAC Ruby Woo (buy here)
This was my first ever MAC lipstick which I received from my sister for Christmas. It is another classic red though this one is slightly brighter and much more matte. Infact this is the most matte lipstick I have ever seen which means it stays on all day though probably wouldn't be any good for dry lips.

Rimmel Kate Moss in 07 (buy here)
Pretty much everyone in the blogging world will know about this shade as it is oh so popular! I think it is the perfect Autumn/Winter berry shade and I love the formula of the Kate Moss lipsticks, they last well and aren't drying.

MAC Diva (buy here)
This is definitely the darkest most vampy lipstick I own and I haven't worn it very much as it is new but I love it to bits! The colour makes my teeth look amazingly white and compliments my skin perfectly. It also matte but not drying like Ruby Woo.

Topshop The Dammed (buy here)
Lastly my only Topshop lipstick that made it into my top five. This is a super bright purple colour which definitely makes a statement when worn and I think it's amazing. The texture is lovely and creamy and overall good quality which makes me want to try out more of their makeup range!
Jenny x