My MAC Eye Shadow Palette | Purples

I've recently filled up my MAC eyeshadow palette which, I'm not going to lie, took my quite a while and quite a few paydays though I'm sure those of you who own eyeshadows by MAC will agree they're worth the trouble! Instead of writing one long post including all nineteen shades I chose (I own one quad and one full sized palette) I've decided to do a series including; Purples, Neutrals and Blues. 

Shroom | Beautiful Iris | Satellite Dreams | Star Violet | Fig1 | Shadow Lady 

These are the six shadows I would count as purples from my palette though I do have a few extras such as Shale which are a cross between purples & neutrals. Shroom is described as 'soft beige with shimmer' and I find the shimmer has a slight purple/pink reflex which makes it work well as a highlight shade with these shadows. Shadow Lady is like my Carbon of this group. It is completely matte and works well to define your lash line and smoke up a look.

Sorry the numbers are backwards, they match up with the first picture so you know which swatch is which, Shroom being 1, Beautiful Iris being 2 etc. These are all swatched without primer so you can see how pigmented they are. Beautiful Iris is by far my favourite shade out of the mix with Fig1 following as second. B.Iris is described as 'Lavender with sheen' though I find it slightly duochrome with almost a blue tone which is really pretty and works well swept across the whole lid for a simple look. 

I think all these colours are worth having in a palette, I thoroughly researched each colour to make sure it was pigmented, smooth and blendable before buying. However I do slightly regret Star Violet as it is a lot warmer than I thought it would be but still it works nicely with some of the browns I have in my neutral section of the palette! 

Jenny x

Wishlist - Summer Beauty Picks

I mentioned I might do another wishlist post soon so here we are! This includes some beauty products I really want to try that in my eyes are perfect for Summer! Unfortunately for my bank balance these are all a bit pricey but if they work they work! As you can see there is a fair bit of Benefit going on in this post and I'm not really sure why.. I think their packaging really draws me in because it's so pretty and different to your usual matte black/plastic containers! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I have a sample size PosieTint and I'm honestly dreading the day it runs out because I love it so much and the full size is so expensive! I think it looks a lot more glowy and natural than a powder blush which for summer is perfect! Saying that next on the list is the box blush called Dandelion! I think the light pink shade is beautiful and I think it would really suit my complexion. I've wanted a liquid highlighter for summer for ages now and after swatching this one I literally can't get it out of my head.. so pretty!

I have also tried the sample size of The Body Shops Instablur primer and loved it! I'm worried that when it starts to get hotter I wont be able to keep anything on my face and makeup will just slide off. Hopefully this will help stop that! Also since I will switch to a lighter coverage foundation so I don't end up looking cakey this will help my skin look that extra bit more flawless which a light foundation or BB cream won't provide! 

Jenny x