Some of you may know, from the few times I've mentioned how much I don't want to go/am terrified, that I am now at university. Well let me tell you, it's been a kind of stressful first week due to difficulties with accommodation (shared room-sigh) and lack of money (typical) so I thought I'd share with you how I've been keeping calm. I found these herbal tea's in Morrisons during that first huge shop everyone goes on with their parents before you are left to fend for yourself. They were really inexpensive which is obviously a plus for students but what really matters is how good they taste. I definitely recommend herbal tea if you need to chill. My favorite is the Touch of Jasmine Green Tea and there are lots of other flavours I plan on trying once I get through these and to be honest I doubt that'll take me long...

Jenny x


Embarrasing picture for you all to enjoy, I'm on the right.

1. Cutting your own fringe is a bad idea...

2. The boys you think you're in love with will disappear from all aspects of your life so don't be disheartened when they act like dicks.

3. Enjoy school because when it ends, life gets stressful.

4. Don't dye your hair black, it will take years to get back to a colour that doesn't make you look like you're on your deathbed.

5. Red patent court shoes that cost you £15.99 from New Look are not cool.

6. Savour having no responsibilities other than keeping your Tamagotchi alive. 

7. Don't bother with false nails because you won't be able to do anything practical with them on and will end up looking like an idiot.

8. LESS IS MORE. Use this motto in regards to most aspects of life ie.. makeup and alcohol.

9. Impulse is not a substitute for perfume.

10. Remember, while dealing with the dramas of secondary school life (of which there will be many) that none of it will matter to you in five years.

Jenny x



If you haven't heard of Washi tape then this post will change your life! I searched and searched online and in stores for a pretty academic planner for this September coming, thinking along the lines of; if it's cute I will be more likely to actually use it, but couldn't find one anywhere. Instead I ended up with a boring cheapy from WH Smiths which wasn't exactly inspiring to say the least. Then I found out about Washi tape (am I late to this craze?) in the Design Boggers at Home book I've been reading and ordered a bunch from eBay. It's really inexpensive and can be used to decorate anything. The tape looks better on a white background which is why in the second picture you can see I started with a layer or masking tape on the black diary. Then I went a bit crazy and covered every plain notebook I own but I'm so happy with the results! You could really cover anything in Washi tape- phone covers, little boxes for jewelry, wall panels, picture frames and so on! I am addicted to the stuff and recommend (if you haven't already) getting some. 

Jenny x


Welcome to my Topshop mini-haul (yay) I picked up this really pretty dainty necklace today for only £6.50 which I guess is a little expensive.. but I fell in love. Plus I literally can't remember the last time I bought any jewelry, it doesn't tend to be what appeals to me when wandering round shops.  I also picked up this stripey top because, well... I don't know, it looked cute and I needed to perk myself because I'm depressed about moving out and going to uni! Anyway, it looks really nice on and I also have the same top in black which is equally as nice and flattering! 

Jenny x


Back again with more book stuff, sorry if this isn't your cup of tea but I've had a sort of epiphany about my blog... I'm sure many of you have suffered from writer's block too at some point in your life be that with your blog or even school work. Well I was having difficulty for a while, not really enjoy myself when blogging because of it. I felt like I was forcing myself to write about fashion or beauty when really there was something else I wanted to share. So now I guess this blog is going to be a bit of a mish mash of ideas to do with whatever I feel like writing about on the day. It will hopefully then show more of my personality which maybe you will like?


I've fallen in love. Any creative person can (I'm sure) understand the attraction to a beautiful house and this book is full of them. Not only that, the wonderful people who own these houses also write blogs about their own passion for home decor so really what more could you want. I've been so inspired by their imaginative use of colour (enough so that I spent way too much money on an order solely of cushions last night...) and their quirky DIY ideas which I can't wait to try out when I have my own place! I found out about this book when Zoella mentioned it in a haul and I am so thankful for clicking onto that video because this find has re-ignited a love for colour that at the moment my room at home is lacking. Don't worry though, it will be changing very soon!

Jenny x


Over the summer I've had a lot more free time to read which makes me very happy. It's like a break from reality/life which occasionally is needed especially when you're stressed. I've been working myself up over going to university in September but thats a whole other post... Anyway, Celia Rees is who I wanted to shower in light and praise today because she is an amazing author. I recommend these four books (Pirates! Sovay, Witch Child and Sorceress) to anyone of any age if you like a gripping story about strong women. Her protagonists are always so empowering which I love and the stories are all so individual. I found myself becoming seriously emotionally involved with each book and each character's life that on one hand I hated the books ending, yet on the other hand I could not live without knowing what happened in the end. Next on my list to read by Rees is The Fool's Girl.

Jenny x


As some of you may know, I'm off to university in September. Though part of me is severely freaking out at that fact I am happy to say I've been keeping myself sane by spending what some may consider a little too much money on homeware... My thought process goes something along the lines of; the more cute stuff I have the more homely and cosy my room will feel therefore making me far more happy and a lot less homesick! Anyway, I filmed a haul and posted it on my youtube channel which you can watch HERE if you're interested.

Jenny x