Instagram Life No.1

This is a completely different post to what I'm used to because generally I don't post much on my life outside of blogging. I guess this is because I don't think it is glamourous or interesting enough to share! However I've seen a few other blogs sharing their Instagram snaps so I thought I would too. 

I realise these pictures don't shed much light on my personal life but I thought they were pretty and looked good together. If you want to see more I've linked my Instagram account so you can check that out. Hope you like this post!

Jenny x

Home Decor: Bohemian Tumblr Rooms

Today I fancied doing another home decor post even though it's so soon after my last one. It probably has something to do with the fact makeup has been annoying me recently as nothing seems to want to stay on my face and the weather is so unpredictable that I can't decide if I should be doing winter or spring related fashion posts! While scrolling through tumblr I came across a bunch of cool pictures I though some of you may find inspiring.

This first picture is my favourite. I love the simplicity of the whole thing. The sheer drapes forming a sort of canopy mixed with the delicate fairy lights seem so relaxing to me. For some reason the picture makes me feel almost nostalgic... maybe it's just the filter used?  

I hope everyone enjoys these types of post, I really do so will probably keep doing them! In the comments let me know and also let me know which room you like best!

Jenny x

Home Decor: H&M Spring Essentials!

I haven't posted anything home decor related in such a long time which is weird because in my real life (aka, not the far more glamorous blog life I lead) my bedroom has undergone major changes recently. However I will get to that in another post as I'd love to wait until it's all finished before I reveal it to you guys. Anyway, today I want to show you how amazing the new H&M Home range is as I feel like they're really overlooked when it comes to interiors. 

Here you can see a bunch of really cute pillowcases and a cotton rug in a white, pink and black theme which I think makes a nice change from the typical duck egg blue and white shabby chic style. What I also especially love about this collection is the elephant pillowcase because they're my favorite animal and I love how this one is patterned like an elephant would be decorated for festivals or weddings in India! 

The duvet cover set is available in single and double which is great as many of H&M's designs are often only available in single. I love this duck egg blue colour and think the polka dot is really cute and simple which could work in many rooms. I also love the array of vases, tealight holders, pots and other similar decorative items available and how you can get them in loads of colours you wouldn't expect glass items to be in.

The range here is portrayed as a kitchen/dining room collection but unless you live with all girls or your boy is really accepting of your taste I doubt this would fly. However I love the grey pattern and think it could be used in a bedroom too along with a duck egg blue theme or just a white and black theme. This hand printed chevron look fabric comes in blanket and pillow case form too which would be great for bedrooms.

Lastly I have a collection which includes green colours which I love. I think green is a great fresh and calm colour and I love the mix of it with the bright turquoise pillow. Also before I forget to mention this important fact... this is all amazingly inexpensive which only makes it even greater!

As I'm sure you can tell I love H&M's home decor selection and I really suggest you check it out as I've barely skimmed the surface in this post. You can shop the spring collection here or all of their home decor here! Hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments as I'd love to write more of this sort of thing! 

Jenny x