1. Never seen anyone throw up before..? That will change.

2. Ridiculous health and safety precautions = queuing in the cold for parties.

3. People form clicks incredibly quickly during freshers so prepare to be more social than you've ever had or wanted to be.

4. Nine times out of ten you will not remain friends with these people you tried so hard to socialise with.

5. You will fall asleep during your lectures- I recommend sitting closer to the back of the hall.

6. If like me you don't fancy getting shit faced every night there are still lots of other cool events to go to.

7. You will be amazed at how fast your student loan disappears- remember you need to live on that money all term so don't waste it on alcohol.

8. Boys will lurk around in packs looking for suitable mates- don't be fooled by their semi-drunk cuteness because they're probably not worth your time.

9. Homesickness is a bitch. 

10. Clubs and societies are expensive so set some money aside to join whatever takes you fancy.. Quidditch maybe!?

11. Your flatmates will be with you through thick and thin all year so make an effort to befriend them all- organize a games night or something along those lines to get to know each other.

12. You parents will call.. alot.. but you won't mind.

13. Don't bother organising a budget until after freshers because the first week will be filled with necessary purchases replacing things you accidently left at home.

13. Freshers flu sucks.

14. Not having your pets around will be really hard!

15. Decorate your room and make it homely because having some where nice to hide when you can't be bothered is a blessing.

16. The first day will be terrifying but remember everyone feels the same way.

17. The week will go by quickly and some will say it was the best of their lives.. if yours wasn't don't worry. You've obviously had a better run up to university than most!

Jenny x