How effing cool is this jacket... and I got it on sale (thankyou M&S). It's definitely something I would never have worn in my 'younger teen' years which isn't surprising considering how fashionable confused I was back then, obviously not the only one in that boat though... sigh at us. It probably won't be to everyones taste as it is a bit out there and that's a lot of sequins but I find the 70s rock star Freddie Mercury/David Bowie thing way cooler than I should do and I feel like they'd have worn this jacket. I'd wear it with black jeans and ankle boots to dress it down as much as possible though will still keep it as an evenings rather than day time outfit. I reckon with the amount of sun reflecting of the sequins you could blind someone. What do you guys think of it, too eccentric or no? 


  1. Love it!

  2. Very nice!!now i follow you on gfc !!kiss

  3. That jacket is stunning!! You have excellent taste :]
    I think it would look pretty awesome with a pair of leather leggings and ankle boots too!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Amazing! I always love sequins and would wear them daily but I know that lots of people think they look only evening wear or just look cheap. But I love them and have a lots of Tees with sequin slogans etc.
    Last year I bough a denim jacket in Miss Selfridge which had the top part of front and back sequined with gold sequins. Iam always scare to wear it as its too ,,out" - silly me....

    1. Oooh I'm exactly the same, love sequins but never feel they're appropriate >< We should just wear what we want! x

  5. What a beautiful jacket, it's absolutely gorgeous! Also how amazing is it that it's in the sale!

    Rebecca Coco

  6. Honey! I really love your blog, great post! Good job!
    I follow ur blog on GFC.

    xoxo from Poland

  7. Oh WOW! That's just incredible. Looking forward to seeing you style that :-) x

  8. Love that jacket, I'm looking for a one like it!!! ;) xo

  9. Definitely and effing cool jacket, the style opportunities are endless, love it!

  10. Gorgeous jacket! Love the sequins.

  11. Hello Freya, I've just read your comment on my previous post. Thanks! To be honest, I don't consider myself a fan of sequined clothing, but this jacket changes my mind a bit. I like it very much.

    See you in my blog.