This post has been promised for such a long time now so massive apologies for that if you were looking out for it! I'm sure you all understand/relate to how life tends to get's in the way of blogging sometimes (hence all the life posts lately.. got to have something to write about). I'll address whats been going on with me in another post as it's quite exciting and will definitely effect the content on here. But anyway, back to facemasks! These are all geared towards combination/oily skin prone to breakouts (aka my skin type... sigh) so are clay based and unfortunately not majorly moisturising so people with dry skin wont find this post very relevant. I'll explain what I like about each one separately.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay
I picked this up on iherb, tempted by the amazing reviews- people saying it was a miracle mask for acne and blackheads and that it had changed their lives and as it is only £3.85 nothing could stop me. It comes in powder form which I find quite annoying because it's just faff to have to mix it but the plus side is you have the choice between mixing with water or apple cider vinegar which change how the mask feels and works. I use water because its accessible but it does make the powder harder to mix and you end up with a lumpy texture, with the vinegar it goes a bit more moussey. The mask drys very tight and because of that your face does feel like it's pulsating which is pretty weird but you get used to it. It also feels quite itchy while it's drying. You can 100% see a difference when you take it off, your clear skin looks brighter (which is the main reason I like it) and spots do dry up.

Superfacialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask
The thing that drew me to this mask was the ingredients list, it contains salicyic acid which is basically and acid exfoliant so I thought it would be interesting to see if the two together make a bigger difference than a mask without any in. The consistency is your usual creamy clay mask texture which then drys sucking out impurities. The mask is really cool and refreshing when you put it on and I do find it stings slightly on more delicate areas of skin and on spots which I doesn't bother me massively as my skin isn't very sensitive. Once removed my skin is left feeling very fresh and quite pink. I find this mask brings everything to the surface of the skin much more quickly than my other masks which in the long run is a good thing. 

Origins Clear Improvement
This is by far the most expensive mask and the one I tend to use least but I do still love it which is why I decided to include it in my favourites. I use this mask when my skin isn't looking that bad but could use as pep as I find it quite light and not drying at all. It's great for making pores look small but not so great at drying out spots (for that I'd use the next one). I also find my skin is a lot less oily the days after I've used it which is great. The mask is cooling and refreshing when you put it on and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight which I love. 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
Lastly this mask is another iherb purchase which I was sucked into buying because of the amazing reviews and inexpensive price of £2.51. I love the smell of this mask which makes love using it even more. For acne prone skin this is a godsend. Some days I will use this all over my skin as it removes blackheads amazingly, reduces the appearance of pores, leaves my skin less oily in the days after using it and drys up spots. However because it is so good at the latter I also use this a lot as a sort of spot treatment, so only on areas that need major help. I will apply one layer, let it dry and wash it off and then repeat to help massively reduce size and redness.


  1. Great post dear!

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  2. I've used the origins as well, curious to try the other masks!

    1. It is good but a bit pricey! You should!! x

  3. The aztec healing clay sounds interesting, and a bargain too! xx

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  5. Must try that mint julep mask, sounds amazing and so inexpensive!


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  7. nice :) happy Sunday!

  8. Great roundup! I myself LOVE that mint julep masque! I actually have dry skin so like you, I usually only use it for spot treatment but it works wonders! That Origins mask sounds promising as well!

    xo Deborah
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    1. Thankyou and I didn't think I'd be the only one, it is so great!! Yeah sometimes that is the only way and you should try it x