Recently I had to pop up to London to sort my visa out for Austria... this turned out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined but it's all sorted now. And incase that makes no sense to you (which it might not as I'm not even sure I've mentioned it on the blog yet) I'm moving to Salzburg at the end of Septemeber for an Erasmus exchange!! Very exciting, I can't wait to leave and I've been using it as a perfect excuse to revamp my winter wardrobe as it gets hella cold there. I'll probably blog about that soon too but I don't want to depress people still hoping for a little more summer here in the UK. But anyway, back to this haul... as I was in London with my auntie (who is such a bad influence when it comes to spending money!) a little shopping couldn't be helped and in Victoria station we found an Oliver Bonas completely by chance. So of course with the confirmation in my mind that it was meant to be I ended up taking these two bits home. Unfortunately I can't remember how much they were and in fact my Auntie ended up getting them for my birthday so I don't have a receipt to check. But aren't they both beautiful, I love the colours and the patterns and I can completely see these in my own house one day brightening up a white wall, wooden floored room... sigh.. I 100% understand the Oliver Bonas hype now! Everything in there was perfect and I bet living near one can become a massive money pit!


  1. Love it!

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  2. Such gorgeous finds! I've been into Oliver Bonas countless times, it's like my kind of heaven haha! I've never actually bought anything from there though, just can't afford it right now :( x

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