This stuff is lovely though slightly difficult to use, I'm sure you'll agree if you've tried it yourself. I think Dirty Deal is the only 'showder' (shower powder) Lush do and it's limited addition which hopefully will change because I love it! When the powder mixes with water it turns into a creamy exfoliating shower wash that smells of bergamot and rose. But as I said it is a bit impractical and difficult to use without dropping it completely missing your body. I take a handful, briefly run it under the shower and then sort of throw it on myself.. not ideal but it works well enough. So the product is great but the idea behind it is to spread awareness on the Translantic Trade and Inverstment Partnership (TTIP), a 'dirty deal' being negatiated between Europe and the USA. Vivenne Westwood said about the agreement "TIPP is a deal which would give giant Monopolies supreme power. They would have more power than Governments! It's anti-people. The line is drawn between Profit and People. People are dispensable. The Earth is dispensable.". If you're interested in learning more about TTIP then google it, it's pretty interesting and amazing to see what the people in charge get up to with the majority of us not realising!


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