You have to love H&M for their homewear, if you didn't know they did homewear... where have you been?! It's all pretty inexpensive and they seem to follow the Oliver Bonas trend with the rose gold/copper everythings, glass plant pots etc which I love but can't afford! I only ordered a couple of things, the cute wooden box with lid being my favourite of the lot. I think it looks really sleek and simple which I like and I want to get one with a gold lid too. The pack of candles was a bit of a let down, they're really pretty and I like the patterns but all they are is a normal glass candle with a patterned paper strip wrapped around them which I feel like I could have done myself. I assumed the pattern would be printed directly onto the candle jar? The glass jar with lid didn't look quite so aggressively gold in the picture online. I still like it though wouldn't buy another as I could have used any jar and spray painted the lid gold! I like everything I got but it would be so much easier to buy it in store, the delivery for H&M online literally sucks, anyone else find that? Jenny x


Lusting after other peoples homes is such a guilty pleasure of mine, how are they all so perfect... please tell me people with Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr worthy homes. I can't get it right, though once I have a house of my own (probably rented flat, lets be honest) and some money (please) it should be a little easier and then I will take to Pinterest for inspiration which I can actually put into real life. I'm not sure what type of interior I like best, colour is nice as you can see here but houses like the pictures above are soo sophisticated and relaxed. Maybe I'll need two homes to decorate...?


Depending on what sort of coverage I'm after I will go between the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. The stippling brush gives a much lighter coverage and I tend to use this to apply bb creams or full coverage foundations to give a sheer(ish) coverage. It blends really well letting your skin shine through. It's also good for applying liquid blush/highlight. The buffing brush unfortunately is only available in the Real Techniques Core Collection so will cost a little bit more to get your hands on but it is definitely worth it. This blends foundation seamlessly because of how densely packed the bristles are and makes it really easy to build up layers without it looking cakey. I use this brush to pat on foundations of any weight to give a flawless coverage. Both brushes are superb quality as I've come to expect from Real Techniques.  
The only brush I ever use for powder blush is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It is the perfect size and beautifully soft. The tip is rounded which makes application as precise as you want it to be. I use the EcoTools Blush Brush to apply my setting powder to my t-zone. It is small enough that I can be quite precise about where I put my powder (which also makes it really good for touch ups) but it is still big enough to cover my whole face if I want it to. The pointed tip makes it great for setting my under eye concealer too.

Smaller Brushes
I'll carry on going through these in the same order as in the first picture. First to mention is the Elf Professional Blending Eye Brush which I use to apply my crease colour. The is by far the best blending brush I have ever come across as I have quite a small eyelid space and usually the brushes made for the crease are huge (like the Real Techniques one) Also it is only £1.95 which is insane for such great quality. I've never found it shead and it is really soft so I'd definitely recommend trying this out. Next is the Elf Professional Eyelash & Brow WandThis does what it says on the tin and again is only £1.95 though still amazing quality. I use this brush every day without a doubt to brush through my brows as I fill them in. The dual ended brush is from the EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set which is an amazing bargain, I love the other brush too but don't tend to need it as much. This brush plus the Elf blending brush is all I need for an everyday eyeshadow look. I use the angled end to apply powder eyeliner and the other end to pack shadow onto my lid. All the EcoTools brushes are amazing quality and environmentally friendly too. Lastly I have to mention the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. Unfortunately this is only available in the Real Techniques Starter Set which I think is a massive waste of money other than this one brush. I use it to apply concealer as it is way too big for my crease but really dense which makes blending concealer and packing it on over spots without it looking cakey really easy!  

Extra little tip- I got most of these brushes on IHerb for a fraction of their already inexpensive price so check the website out. Only downsides are the postage but there are usually discount codes floating about the internet and if you get charged custom fees. If you'd rather not risk it then Boots/Superdrug always have buy one get one half price offers on brushes so you could wait it out for one of those to save some money. Hope you found this post helpful! x


For a university student I really don't go out a lot partially due to lack of funds but mainly because I love spending my evenings in bed watching a film with some good food... anyone else? But I did drag myself out the other night for a 1920's themed cocktail evening (snazzy I know) at a place that serves all its alcohol out of teacups and pots.. it's pretty cool and makes you feel quite alright about drinking way more than you should do. We were taught to charleston which is way harder than it looks on Strictly but sooo much fun! Obviously we all dressed up and I really wanted to share the top I wore with you because it's so beautiful and only £10!! I was amazed, got to love a Topshop sale. 


Every pair of mom jeans I've tried on have been massive and unflattering, nothing like what they look like on Tumblr and Pinterest which is so depressing because I enjoy channeling my inner 90's 'Rachel from Friends' girl. And I know it did my mental health no good scrolling through these sites being jealous of all the women who had found a pair of mom jeans that fit them round the bum... but finally I found a style, the Asos Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans. I got these in a W26 L32/size 8 (my normal jeans size for Topshop) and they fit perfectly around my waist and bum. I've found these soo much nicer than the Topshop mom jeans which as you will know is crazy as I live by Topshop jeans. I definitely recommend trying the Asos ones out if you've been after a pair of mom jeans that aren't seriously baggy and not too expensive either. Loads are on sale at the moment as well, no need to thank me!


Does anyone else have an exact image of how they expect their future house to look? These pictures I found here pretty much sum mine up. The exposed brick wall excites me way more than it should do... and the minimalist white walls and wooden floor boards with lots of greenery mixed in... sigh. Can I live here please? It's definitely a lot more appealing than the crappy dorm I'm in now!