Both of these concealers are well loved in the blogging world so I thought I'd do a review/comparison and discuss which I like better. MAC Studio Finish is a massive life saver for me, as some of you may know I have pretty bad acne scarring and this is the best concealer I've found to cover that up and it lasts pretty much all day which is unheard of on my oily skin! It is heavy looking but in general I go for a heavier base makeup so it doesn't bother me. NC15 isn't the best match for me but a slightly yellower tint helps cover any redness so I stick with it. Select Cover-Up is the newer of the two and what I bought to replace my almost empty Studio Finish. I didn't get on with this product at first but now that I've found a way to apply it that works its fine- I use my Real Techniques buffing brush to pat it on. It is probably more suited to under eye concealing rather than acne as the coverage is so much lighter so I find myself leaning towards Studio Finish. So overall I'd definitely recommend Studio Finish over Select Cover-Up!  


I haven't posted about nail varnish in such a long time... I guess because I've been way too lazy to paint them but thanks to recently getting sidetracked in Asda by the makeup section I have this post for you. I picked up a new nail varnish from the Rita Ora for Rimmel London collection called 498 Rain Rain Go Away (on sale in Superdrug at the moment) which has fast become my favourite colour for my fingernails. It's such a unique and pretty cool toned nude which I find suits me far better than warm toned nudes being as pale as I am. My next favourite is Collection Fruit Salad which I can't find anywhere online for you so I guess it's been discontinued which sucks! I like this for my toes as its really bright and pretty and a perfect shade of coral. The Barry M Textured Paint in Duchess is another beautiful colour and really subtle for such a glittery paint. Also this range drys sooo fast which is another plus. Lastly I've been loving this no name shade by Ted Baker (on sale in Boots at the moment) that I got for Christmas! It's a much pinker and more natural nude than the last which I like for everyday as it makes my nails look a little bit healthier and it's not very noticeable when it starts to chip! Hope you like this post! What colours have you been loving recently?