During the week my friend Connie and I decided to go to Brighton for lunch and a catch up and (of course) a cheeky bit of shopping. Beforehand we ate at Zizi's in The Lanes, I had a raspberry softtail with my meal and it was amazing! 100% recommend. Afterwards we went to Lush and Mac plus a few other shops nearby and then made our way up to the main shopping centre. It was a lovely day out and I thought I'd show you what I picked up! Also, in case you were wondering, I did keep a look out for Zoella/any of that group that live in Brighton as it would have been pretty cool to bump into them and I'm sure this post would have got a little more buzz as a result but alas... no luck!! 

Firstly in Lush I picked up Marilyn hair treatment as I've heard Fashion Rocks My Socks mention it a few times and wanted to give it a go. It's a treatment for people who want lighter brighter blonde hair by stopping brassy orange tones from building up. I haven't tried it yet but will give it a mention once I do! I also got Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic which is the white one with colorful bits in it... worst description ever, sorry! I have used this one before and remember liking it though I don't remember what it does in the water or what colour it is on the inside so I'm looking forward to finding out! I also donated £1 to charity and got a Charity Pot Hand&Body Lotion tester which I quite like though the tin is really hard to get in to! The Kiko store in Brighton must be reasonably new as I haven't seen it before but I was quite excited as I've never tried anything from them before. I ended up getting the Eyetech Look Eyeshadow Sticks which Pixiwoo always use and rave about. I got the colours (swatched left to right) 102, 116 and 117 and I've been using these all the time since, they're really nice and a great alternative to normal eyeshadow or paint pots! 


While in Valencia last week me and my friends took the opportunity to spend the last of our euros in Brandy Melville and Pull&Bear as you obviously would.. so I thought I'd share with you what I got. I've never actually been into either of these shops in the UK, only ever on holiday so I don't know if the prices vary massively but in Spain they're really inexpensive and the clothing seems to be spot on 99% of the time *prays one opens closer to home* 

In Brandy Melville I got the red and white halter neck crop top. They only do one size fits all which I think we can all agree is pretty crap (estimate it would fit a UK 8-12). I also got the bracelet there which I really love. It's very delicate and probably wont last very long but so so pretty. *the bracelet has since broken which sucks!* In Pull&Bear I got quite a similar top but in black and white. I'd say the quality of this one feels a little better than BM and it was less money which is great! 


Last week me and three of my favourite people went on holiday to Valencia to begin our summer holidays so I thought it only right to share a few pictures and talk about what we got up to! We were lucky enough to stay a beautiful hotel right in the middle of the old town called San Lorenzo Boutique which I highly recommend if you're looking for somewhere to stay in Valencia. It was less than a five minuet walk to the Cathedral and Carmen which is where we found all the good nightlife and food as well as the tram and bus station which we used to get anywhere not in the old area of the city. 

As we were there for a whole week we found time to visit the Aquarium which is in the City of Science and Arts (building in the picture above). It was advertised as the largest aquarium in Europe and is definitely worth a visit if you're into that sort of thing, more so it's a great excuse to venture down to that end of the city and see the buildings there which were very impressive. However over the Aquarium I'd recommend the Biopark which was truly incredible. I've never been to a zoo quite like it, the enclosures are amazing and very natural. Animals are divided up into Savannah, Africa and Madagascar areas and left to roam freely as they would in the wild excluding the predators which were given their own (still huge and amazing) enclosures. 

There are so many architectural sights that are a must see while in Valencia such as the Cathedral, Torres de Serranos (picture above), Mercado Central and many more. A tourist map is very helpful to make sure you don't miss out on anything. The Modern Art Museum was also a great way to spend a few hours. The beach in Valencia is a 15 minuet tram ride from the old town and is worth a trip if you enjoy swimming and tanning. As for food we found the area around the Cathedral and towards Carmen had the best reasonably priced places. In fact the whole of Valencia was very reasonably priced especially compared to Barcelona. As for going out Friday and Saturday are definitely the best nights and the streets in Carmen get really busy and the atmosphere is great. We found lots of great bars and pubs there to chill out in in the evenings and even some more 'clubby' type places which was fun! I really enjoyed Valencia and would love to go back one day much more than I'd want to revisit Barcelona. Probably because it was less touristy and a bit more... Spanish? 


As a fairly frequent flyer I feel qualified to preach my views on comfortable flying and having just got back from Valencia I thought I'd share with you my favourite travel outfit. For me comfort comes first but equally I don't want to rock up to the airport in sweats so I find patterned trousers a great compromise. These ones were around £10 from New Look so nothing special but are so comfortable compared to jeans. As for shoes I'd generally say wear your heaviest pair as that makes for more room in your luggage especially if you are only taking hand luggage like I tend to do. I don't think your top half is of much consequence as you'll be sitting for most of the journey, however if you're not comfortable in crop tops then avoid wearing one.  

I'd always recommend taking a hoodie on a flight as the air conditioning can get really cold and if you want to sleep it can make a great pillow. If you're wearing sandals like I was then take socks! It's such a lovely feeling being able to take your shoes off and put them on- instantly more comfortable and cosy. Another obvious must is iPod and a book so you don't get really bored. If your skin is easily effected on flights definitely take a moisturiser. I don't tend to take my makeup off on flights unless its a long one so a hand moisturiser will usually do. Also don't forget that any liquids you take in your hand luggage must be under 100mls. If you're unsure on what you can and can't take in hand luggage check out this table on Hand Luggage Restrictions. Finally don't forget your passport!!