Can't believe I live here (not here exactly, that's a church..)! Such a lucky gal, it's too beautiful even in the rain. And if you've never seen a picture of Salzburg in the snow... google now. It looks like a scene from Frozen.. So I've been here exactly two weeks now and I've noticed a few differences between Salzburg and the UK so I thought I'd share them with you in a bit of a lighthearted post. I'll probably add to this or do a part two as I discover other bits and bobs the longer I stay! So far it's been a great few weeks, I've made amazing friends and settled in in my course. I cycle everywhere which is mega relaxing and I think the change in lifestyle has really made me a much happier person!

1. Mayo comes in a tube, tomato puree style... this may have been the biggest surprise I've had

2. Everyone has a bike, no one wears helmets 

3. Beer = water

4. On Sunday everything closes.. everything

5. Dirndls and Lederhosen are normal acceptable items of clothing for everyday wear

6. Binge drinking isn't a thing

7. No one is overweight, men jog in tiny tight shorts

8. They drive on the right

9. The only pubs here are Irish ones

10. Snow isn't a problem, everything carries on as usual

11. Bikes are never chained up when left in bike racks.. can you imagine that happening anywhere in England?!

12. There's no litter. It's weirdly clean, I don't know how it's managed but I'm happy it is!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be writing some more specific 'travel' posts about what I get up to here so keep an eye out if you're interested! The next one will be about my trip to Munich for Oktoberfest last weekend! I'm also planning another trip to Vienna and possibly a trip to Verona (so romantic!) in Italy as by train it's not so far! Benefits of living in mainland Europe!