Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you've all had an amazing day with your loved ones. I've eaten so much food blogging is the only thing I can physically manage to do with my evening so here I am with a post I should have put up a few months ago when I took this picture. I found this purse (still available here) in Warehouse which at the time seemed like a complete miracle as my previous one was falling to pieces and nowhere had a simple, sleek, black purse for a reasonable price. My iPhone case was just a eBay purchase, costing around 99p... it has broken now but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Lastly I thought I'd include this bowl in the haul as as you may know if you've been reading for a while, I'm obsessed with hand painted rice bowls. I got this one in Morocco and it probably cost me less than the iPhone case. One day I'll go back to Morocco with the sole purpose of decking out my home while spending next to nothing! And thats that, a slightly outdated accessories haul for you on Christmas day! Tomorrow I leave for Venice with my auntie for a little holiday so expect a post about that soon and I may haul what I got for Christmas when I get back too!

Have a relaxing boxing day!