Finally on that regular posting game *pats self on the back*..! And today, as promised in my last post, I want to share with you my favourite and most used Essie nail varnishes. I was a little late to the Essie bandwagon having received my first one as a gift from Silvana in August of last year but I've made up for it since.. the Essie colour range, as you all know, is pretty extensive meaning I always find a new, beautiful shade I need! The formula never disappoints, especially with these three which I can easily get away with applying only one coat! So now that I understand what I've been missing I don't mind (as much) paying £8 for one bottle.. still not as pricey as OPI nail varnish which retails for £12.50. I buy mine in the airport for the slight discount! 

I find applying nail varnish such a chore and even though these are reasonably fast drying I have to mention the Mavala Oil Seal Dryera recent discovery! It's a miracle liquid, after applying the oil my nails dry in literally two seconds! Google reviews if you need more convincing that this is a worthwhile purchase. You'll definitely be thanking me! But back to Essie, as I said they are reasonably fast drying on their own (even with two layers) and also very chip resistant on my nails which is impressive because nothing usually lasts on them. What are your favourite Essie shades? I'm wondering if I should try their bottom or top coats, have any of you? Let me know in the comments! And I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the new year!!!


  1. Thse colors are beautiful, Jenny. Happy Sunday.

  2. Super cute shades! I love Essie!

  3. bahama mama is so pretty :)
    keep in touch

  4. These shades are gorgeous! I need to get Bahama Mama, I've wanted it for months now. Essie nail polishes are great value for money, and I find that the quality is better than with OPI. One of my favourite shades is In Stitches, a beautiful dark pink shade!

    Julia xx
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    1. You should!! I completely agree but I do like OPI. I'll have to check that shade out x

  5. I love Essie because the color in the bottle always looks exactly the same on your nails so it never disappoints. I love Chinchilly - it's one of my go-to Autumn/Winter colors and Russian Roulette is a gorgeous shade of red as well. I've never tried Bahama Mama but it's a very pretty winter color as well!

    Like you said, it's probably just google doing a cleanse. I wouldn't worry too much about it - you still have a follower in me!
    I adore your coat - we had a blizzard this past weekend in DC so we had snow like you but I didn't look anywhere near as chic as you!

    xo Deborah
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    1. So true and same, Chinchilly is amazing! RR is the closest shade I've found to that wet'n'wild one you sent me!!! Love it so much! x

  6. Those colours are so pretty! Right now I'm using Essie Help me Grow base coat and I can say that is amazing!!
    I've also used the First base coat, which is fine but not so good as the help me grow, so I wouldn't recommend it because there are other base coats better than the First Base coat that they cost less (I love the Kiko Ultra Long base coat- I buy it when it's on sale and it only cost around 3€)!
    I've also used the Good to go top coat and it is totally amazing! It is a really thick top coat but really elongates the life time of the nail polish and it dries in seconds! xx

    1. Wow these recommendations are great!! Thankyou!!! I'll keep a look out for that kiko one and the essie ones are easy for me to get in Boots so will definitely give them a go! x

  7. Love the colours :)