After what felt like an eternity (actually only a week) of deadlines and stress I was more than ready for this little weekend away in Budapest with another English living Salzburg! We had a pretty easy ride to Budapest as you can get a direct train from here though it is a five hour journey... but still, I find trains way more enjoyable than planes so wasn't complaining and with company the time didn't drag massively. We stayed two nights in the Corinthia Hotel which was beautiful and very central. The spas in Budapest are very famous and luckily for us the hotel had one! After a long day walking the sauna was perfect to relax in.

Some of the buildings in Budapest really blew me away especially their parliament which you can see in the first picture. Google a picture of it at night too.. so beautiful! Buda castle was also amazing (Lord of the Rings vibes) and has beautiful views of the city. There's a little cafe near the castle where we had amazing apple cinnamon punch and hot chocolate! I definitely recommend going there to warm up if you visit in winter. The cathedral was also beautiful outside and in, which you can see in the last picture. I found the city so peaceful and relaxing when wandering around I guess because it wasn't that busy.

Budapest has a beautiful island park which we walked through and I hope you can tell how peaceful it is there from the picture above. The whole city was generally like this in places you'd think would be full of tourists but the bars and restaurants were busy and fun in the evenings so really a perfect mixture. In summer it may be completely different, has anyone been? Somehow we managed to miss out on trying Hungarian cuisine which was a shame. We also missed the ruined pubs so I will definitely have to go back one day! In about a weeks time I'm moving back to England so all these beautiful places that are so easy to get to from Salzburg won't be so close which is sad but I have got flights booked to come back and visit. I've also got a trip to Prague planned so look out for that if you're interested!! I'm going to try to make sure the travel content doesn't disappear! 


  1. I'm always so amazed at how beautiful all your travel pictures are Jenny! This looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I've never been on a train before, but I think I'd like that much better than flying, even if it takes longer!

    1. Thankyou!! I'm glad you like them :D It is, you should go there when you get the chance, it's very very cheap! How interesting, I forgot that in America trains aren't really used for public transport! I'm sure you would, it's far less stressful :) x

  2. such a beautiful town
    Keep in touch

  3. jenny!!! long time no see
    lovely post

  4. I'm going to Budapest at the end of February, I'm so excited to go!


  5. I've always wanted to visit Hungary and Budapest looks like a dream of a city! All the photos are enchanting! Glad to see that you had a lovely time :]

    xo Deborah
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  6. Amazing photos!! It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit X

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  7. wow amazing pictures!