I've been trying very hard to.. 'adult' more recently so to start this summer off I've moved to London for a month long internship. But thanks to bank holiday weekend I've had lots of time to explore places in London I've somehow managed to miss in the past, like Columbia Road Flower Market and actually East London in general. I wandered round Hackney before hand, appreciating all the little cafes and independent retailers as well as peoples street style, which I loved. The area reminds me a lot of the old town in Hastings! The flower market was so busy but I loved the vibe, the amount of people wasn't stressful at all. I'll definitely take friends visiting London here in the future because it's so pretty. Have any of you guys been before?


The weather in England at the moment is so muggy, and I've been loving it... any warmth and I'm happy! So I've been spending my free days in the garden or at the beach soaking up whatever sun I can get while reading Face Paint. I'm sure most of you know of the book and Lisa Eldridge for that matter.. that woman is basically life goals, no? It's basically an overview of all things makeup related. The history, popular culture, business and and scientific development of makeup are among some of the topics covered, all of which I found really interesting. I did think some sections could have been more detailed but her research was still thorough and I guess what one person wants to read about in depth another might not and she had to cater for all! I love how she laid the book out (she explains why in this video), it seemed to flow really well and the photography was all really beautiful! It would make such a lovely present for someone who loves makeup and for a light read I definitely recommend!


Recently I've been testing out a few new skin care products gifted to me by my friend Lauren from TLC Health and Beauty and I have to share them with you as I've fallen in love and gone to skincare heaven... mainly due to the Glacial Marine Mud Mask. It is by far the best mud mask I've ever used, it drys really fast which I love (no one has a spare 15 minuets to wait for a mask to dry!) and you can visibly see all the impurities being sucked out of you when the clay drys, check this picture out. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, fresh and blackhead free... I 100% recommend. I also love using the Creamy Hydrating Masque straight after the mud mask as I have dehydrated skin so balance is key. After using this my skin has a really pretty glow and feels soothed. And lastly for skin care I've been using the Polishing Peel which is an exfoliating cream. Basically it works in the same way as microdermabrasion but you can read a bit more about it here if you're interested. I've been using this on scars on my cheeks and it has dramatically faded them which I am so so thankful for! If you have any acne scarring you have to try this out.

Lauren also gave me the Contouring Lipgloss which I expected quite a lot from as it retails for around £20. It definitely works at naturally plumping your lips which you can see from this picture but I'm so in love with my NYX lipgloss I need to make an effort to use this one more to see how well it wears on a night out etc! And lastly I've been using the whitening tooth paste for four days so far. I think it is too soon to tell how well this works but I'll keep you posted as I've been so impressed with the other products! Thankyou Lauren for introducing me to such an amazing new brand! If you guys want to learn more about or try any of these products you can contact Lauren on facebook or with her email;


Please explain to me how it escaped my notice that Boots now stocks NYX Cosmetics... I had the revelation thanks to my friend Sammie as she went out and hauled some bits and with literally no shame I can tell my day was massively brightened by the discovery and subsequent online order! As I've now tested these out I thought I'd haul/review them for you. I literally have nothing bad to say about any of these products and 100% recommend them all.. but I'll go into a bit more detail for those of you tempted by the swatches!

Firstly I'll talk about the Soft Matte Lip Creams Zurich (swatch 1) and Amsterdam (swatch 2). They look quite glossy in the picture but dry a really pretty soft and comfortable matte. I apply a couple of coats as I find layering helps them last longer on my lips, around 4 hours before touch ups are needed. The second product I'll talk about is the Butter Lipstick in Pops (swatch 3). This one stays glossy on the lips so definitely doesn't last as long as the Matte lip creams. However I don't mind as I find the natural colour and finish really beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. Lastly I'll talk about the Butter Glosses in Cherry Pie (swatch 4) and Apple Strudel (swatch 5) which I have actually tried before thanks to my friend Liz as she sent me the shade Apple Strudel in a swap we did last year! I used that lip gloss up so quickly and it was such a favourite that I decided to replace it. These glosses aren't sticky which is the main reason I love them so much. They also last a decent amount of time and are really pigmented.