Recently I've been testing out a few new skin care products gifted to me by my friend Lauren from TLC Health and Beauty and I have to share them with you as I've fallen in love and gone to skincare heaven... mainly due to the Glacial Marine Mud Mask. It is by far the best mud mask I've ever used, it drys really fast which I love (no one has a spare 15 minuets to wait for a mask to dry!) and you can visibly see all the impurities being sucked out of you when the clay drys, check this picture out. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, fresh and blackhead free... I 100% recommend. I also love using the Creamy Hydrating Masque straight after the mud mask as I have dehydrated skin so balance is key. After using this my skin has a really pretty glow and feels soothed. And lastly for skin care I've been using the Polishing Peel which is an exfoliating cream. Basically it works in the same way as microdermabrasion but you can read a bit more about it here if you're interested. I've been using this on scars on my cheeks and it has dramatically faded them which I am so so thankful for! If you have any acne scarring you have to try this out.

Lauren also gave me the Contouring Lipgloss which I expected quite a lot from as it retails for around £20. It definitely works at naturally plumping your lips which you can see from this picture but I'm so in love with my NYX lipgloss I need to make an effort to use this one more to see how well it wears on a night out etc! And lastly I've been using the whitening tooth paste for four days so far. I think it is too soon to tell how well this works but I'll keep you posted as I've been so impressed with the other products! Thankyou Lauren for introducing me to such an amazing new brand! If you guys want to learn more about or try any of these products you can contact Lauren on facebook or with her email;

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  1. Ahh that mud mask looks amazing and I'm really convinced I should try it! I'm also eyeing that Polishing Peel as I have uneven skin tone that I'm sure that would help with.
    Thanks for introducing these products!

    xo Deborah
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