Today my faith in the male gender was restored when a lovely gentleman offered me his seat on the underground purely out of kindness. And unfortunately it had been a little tested due to my recent tinder experiences which in hindsight are quite funny so I thought I'd share them with you! Some slightly different content but I hope you enjoy!

So to begin with I thought I'd show you some of the conversation starters I've received because really they are just hilarious! I especially love the 'you have such beautiful eyes but I didn't actually look at your picture long enough to see what colour they are' guy! Or 'Procrastination is a beautiful thing'... ok hahaha. It's just too profound a thing to say on Tinder! But maybe it works on some gals, who knows?

Now story time; I'm going to share with you some of the real life date failures I've had with Tinder men. The first time I ever met someone from the app was in Falmouth, where I go to university. We arranged to meet for breakfast/coffee at 11am... 45 minuets later he showed up! I couldn't believe it, luckily I had my book with me and had already eaten by the time he arrived. But we chatted and got on well and overall had a good time despite his lack in punctuality (something I can't stand in people). Later that evening when we were texting again and I mentioned I just wanted to be friends he blocked my number and deleted me from Tinder.

Date two was with an Australian guy who had recently moved to a town near Falmouth. He came and explored for the day and we met for drinks in the evening. Again we got on perfectly well, he was telling me about what he'd seen in Falmouth and then mentioned he wanted to go to the castle the day after as he hadn't had time that day. I asked why was he in Falmouth again tomorrow and he replied 'Oh, because I booked us a hotel.'...

Are you kidding me!?

I couldn't believe my ears! I politely explained that I planned on staying home that evening and he proceeded to get angry with me. And to make matters even worse/embarrassing when he'd stormed off to the bathroom, the lady sitting at the table next to ours lent over and sympathy-patted my knee.

Last story for today is more recent, since I moved to London for the month. I was chatting to a charming gym loving accountant (according to his bio), or who I thought was charming but turned out to be the biggest arse on the planet. Luckily I didn't actually end up meeting this one. But to begin with all was well, I'd suggested drinks one evening but that he'd have to choose where as I was new to London, so he asked for my number and said he'd let me know. He text me at half 9, which is a bit late in my opinion (such an old woman haha), asking if I'd meet him in a pub in Canary Wharf which from where I am takes about an hour to get to. I explained that fact and said let's meet more central but he refused as he wanted to 'netflix and chill' after drinks and his house was right next door...! After a bit more texting I stopped replying as it was very obvious he only wanted one thing. I blocked his number that evening and the next day received a not so lovely tinder message from him telling me I was a time waster.. among other things.  

Overall not such great successes haha. Although some of my guy friends who are on Tinder are lovely so I'm not generalising! Personally I don't think of Tinder as a great way to meet potential partners anyway.. it's just not romantic enough for me and I think I'll be giving it a break for a while!! Please share with me your own Tinder experiences, guys and girls, in the comments!


  1. Im going to Falmouth university in September, what's it like? ;D
    Tinder can be an interesting one aha, but the guy saying he loves your eye colour is brilliant, so silly haha!
    I've only met one person from Tinder and he was pretty nice but I think after the date he just wanted to Netflix and Chill and I was like naaah! So that put me off a bit ?

    1. It's such an interesting place to live because of how far away it is from London! People have sort of developed a 'falmouth style' which is really cool and its great to be surrounded by creative people. Also the beach is amazing, I've posted about Falmouth before :) Isn't it so silly and ooh haha not cool XD x

  2. Some of these conversation starters are so funny! I've never used Tinder but have had friends who've gone on Tinder dates that have ended awfully too! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy