Hi guys!! Long time no blog *slaps wrist*. How useless am I, seriously?! Very useless is the answer... but I'm back with a haul because I know how to please. I went a little crazy for Soap&Glory (Bluewater's fault, not mine) and picked up a few old favourites plus some new finds which I'm pretty excited about, not going to lie. 

Such an S&G fan girl...

The Ultimelt is my 'favourite favourite life changing you must try it balm cleanser'. It comes with a muslin cloth and smells like sage and warmth and all good things and its only a tenner.. so much better than that Body Shop Camomile one. Scrub Your Nose In It is another favourite of mine. It's one of those microdermabrasion scrubs, again way better than that Body Shop vitamin C one (sorry Body Shop.. I do actually love you). Then I got three minis for my upcoming holiday to Greece, The Righteous Butter, Hand Food and Clean Girls which we all know/love. And Lastly Dr Spot. I literally hate the name so much, just me... idk? This isn't a stingy one at all and it's clear so I've been applying it whenever I fancy. Hopefully it works, I'll keep you posted!


  1. I've heard sooo many good things about Soap and Glory. I seriously need to try these products! Thanks for sharing:)

    xo Azu

  2. Looks amazing products <3

  3. the things that I tried from them I didn't like that much unfortunately the smell it's too sintetic