I find Instagram 100x more satisfying on the computer because of the thick white borders between each picture, only me? It makes my theme look so much better and because I've been doing pretty well with keeping to it with my last lot of Instagrams I thought I'd share them on here with you! So starting from the top I'll walk you through what I've been up to recently! That delicious looking plate of food obviously had to be Instagrammed... it's the Super Slaw, Buckwheat Noodle salad and Chicken and Ponzu-yogurt skewer from Juliet's in Tunbridge Wells. If you get the chance you have to go, the food (especially cakes) are amazing and their menu changes daily depending on availability of ingredients so it's always fresh and interesting dining. Next few pictures are from my recent adventures in London including one from Colombia Road Flower Market which I blogged about here! Then we have various Falmouth beach pictures because how can I not.. as well as one Rhodes and one Cologne throwback mixed in. A few selfies and a candid observing the sea picture later and thats that! Hope you enjoyed this post.