I cannot believe this summer has ended already. It has gone so fast but somehow feels like forever since I was at university and I'm finding it really strange to be writing this post back in Falmouth!! And sadly for me and I think you guys too my travels have ended which means no travel content for a while. But back to the post, as some of you would have seen on my Instagram already I spent the first week of September in Versailles celebrating my friend Xavier's birthday. And really it was such a treat for me as I was looked after like a princess by him and his family, big love for them. We spent most of our time in Paris eating, drinking and exploring though did dedicate a few days to relaxing in the sun... basically my ideal holiday activities. 

The historical architecture all over Paris is really impressive and I'd forgotten what a beautiful city it is. Definitely need to go back again on a romantic weekend away with hypothetical future partner haha. I especially liked the Louvre but unfortunately didn't end up going inside because there was so much to do. We did relax in the gardens for an afternoon though and had the most delicious sorbet of life which I instagrammed about it was so good! We went to see the Notre Dame and took typical tourist pictures outside (obviously) and had a quick look inside too. The weather that week was perfect, around 28℃ most days. 

The last evening in Versailles was spent in a creperie with Xavier and a school friend of his. I had savoury crepes with potato, smoked salmon, cream and lemon to start and normal crepes with pear, chocolate and ice cream to finish... heaven in my mouth. I was so sad to go home and not just because it meant the end of summer, the relaxed vibe perfectly followed backpacking which had really tired me out. Looking back I think I could definitely live in Paris one day. It is closer to London and my family via the eurostar than Falmouth, the food is amazing, the nightlife amazing and the people were all really friendly. Plus the street style was so inspiring, very chic and simple but put together. Something to consider after uni, since it is my last year!! 

Hope you enjoyed the post


  1. such a cool place
    keep in touch

  2. What a great city! Amazing pictures.


  3. Those for sure sound like really great holidays! I am glad to read that you had such a wonderful time there! :)
    Visiting Paris is on my bucket list and hopefully I'll be able to visit it soon enough!
    Lovely pictures! <3

    1. They really were and thankyou! You should, look forward to your post about it haha x