An Anthropologie Christmas

To begin what I plan on being the best Christmas ever... let us pay homage to Anthropologie and their beautifully festive Instagram account! If you don't follow already then you definitley should. I prefer the EU account to the main account even though these pictures are collected from the main... just to be confusing haha. But aren't they amazingly christmas-y?! Scrolling through their uploads is definitley a sure fast way of getting into the spirit. I can't wait to have my own flat to decorate with Anthropologie everything and to live that perfectly quaint and rustic but still chic life they sell/encourage so well!

If you're stuck on Christmas presents for someone, friends or family, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be able to find something suitable on their website or in store, if you're lucky enough to live near one. An item from their textile range, rug or bedding set, would be a really thoughtful and useful but unusual gift, something I'd definitley cherish. Or if you're not looking to spend so much (as they tend to be between the £150-£250 mark) their crockery range is really beautiful. On the Anthropologie website there is a specific gift section which is split into different groups depending on who you're buying for! 


  1. This is so beautiful. Great post x

  2. That drink tho!Keep in touch