I can't stop singing Christmas songs... I can't wait for this term to end... I can't wait to get back into blogging!! University literally takes up all of my time, even when I'm not working I'll be thinking about work (upsidedown smile emoji) so home is greatly anticipated right now! Plus there are fun things planned for the holiday, traveling and potential work placements but also REST & RELAXATION. I am going to live Hygge, take full advantage of the big bath tub at my parents, bake christmas-y treats to my hearts content and forget about life/responsibilities for the duration of the holiday. Doesn't that sound blinking perfect! 

Alsooo, I've decided to start taking the importance of anonymity more seriously on my blog and other online platforms so will no longer be using my real name on here. I have also unlinked my Instagram account as it is my own and not blog related but instead will have specific Insta posts, similar to this one! As the end of university draws closer *freaks out* and the prospect of working and adulting becomes inevitable *freaks out more* it seems like a good idea to keep my real name professional. 

Sorry, that was probably super boring to read. Back to thinking about christmas and christmas-y things. I haven't had a mince pie yet and we are four days into December... wtf?! I also need to start thinking about buying/making presents for my family! I love this time of year, v v excited. Also going to Rome soon so lots to blog about! Here's to an amazingly festive, less stressful but productive December! x

*update* have now had a mince pie... petitioning for them to be sold all year round


  1. Missed seeing your blog posts so I'm happy you have more time to blog! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes