Rome in December

Guys, if you take one piece of advice from this post let it be to visit Rome in December. It is perfect... no queuing, no sweating, no crowds just beautiful plentiful sightseeing opportunities! My friend Connie and I booked the spontaneous trip a few weeks ago and despite seriously lacking funds (thanks mum for the early Christmas present flights!) we had a seriously good time. Our adorable Airbnb was in the centre of the historic old town but unbelievably cost £15 per night (December, off-peak, need I say more). From there we explored the tiny streets, Roman ruins and the nightlife as much as a four day break allows!

The Roman Forum is breathtaking, tops the Colosseum by far! Definitely a must see, and you don't really need a ticket as from any vantage point nearby you get a perfect view. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip as I love Roman history and mythology. But prepare yourself... street sellers don't take winter off and tourists spots like these are impossible to navigate without a selfie stick being thrust in your face (upside down smile face emoji). The Colosseum was cool too and obviously unmissable when in Rome.

But you guys already know the famous sights in Rome - Trevi Fountain, Vatican City etc so I won't ramble on about them (other than saying they're well worth the visit and I recomend a guided tour for the Vatican). Potentially more interesting to some, you HAVE to visit Gelateria del Teatro for the best freaking icecream of life... seriously just go, no need to thank me haha. Also for those who enjoy a night out, do it! We had a hilarious and eventful time in the bars around the district of Parione. The locals and bar tenders were very generous leaving me with an ever so slightly patchy memory of one night. As well as a video of me and a lovely Italian man riding around on what I assume was his bicycle, a memory Connie and I will surely cherish for its comic value for years to come! 

Anyway... Rome in December, by far the best month to visit if you want to pack as much in as possible and be able to appreciate the sights to the fullest! It is a beautiful city, something to see on every corner and I can't wait to go back.


  1. It's beautiful,love the photos, I've been there in november ;) xo