Why the late night post? Christmas Eve dinner and a lack of self control have left me too full to sleep... so I am sitting in front of the fire, with a large glass of wine, relaxing. Perfect blogging conditions! Obviously feeling pretty Christmassy right now so I thought I'd share some little things that get me in the spirit of the holidays. I hope you're all having a thoroughly relaxing break from work/school/general life and Merry Christmas from me and Rue (cat) who is quite innocently trying to sit on my keyboard.

1. Snow... haha.

2. Obviously... unsurprisingly... mince pies. I have spoken previously of my love for a good mince pie and how they just make life/the world a little more bearable.  

3. Watching Strictly Come Dancing. How can you not? The professionals are all beautiful and incredibly fit and can I please have one for myself? I also love the costumes and dancing...

4. Christmas limited editions from Lush, especially Lord Of Misrule bath bomb (reviewed by yours truly here). These little guys, though taking anual affect on my bank balance, really make me feel festive and are therefore totally worth it. 

5. Mulled cider... no explanation needed. 

6. Planning presents. Potentially because of my slight control/organisational freak tendencies I love to plan, in huge detail and advance, perfect presents for each of my family members. 

7. Then of course, wrapping presents. So many people see this part as a chore which I cannot understand. I get super creative with ribbons, strings, bows, washi tape etc and it is so much fun! 

8. Bahama Mama by Essie.

9. Making Christmas cards, honestly not something I do every year because... life. But when I do have the time, like this year, it is something I really enjoy doing and makes me feel super festive!

10. Jumpers, not necessarily Christmas themed but big, chunky, warm knits which you can snuggle up in.

11. Love Actually and The Sound Of Music. Favourite Christmas films everrr!! 

12. Decorating the tree twelve days before Christmas. Close enough to the actual day to start getting excited. Especially enjoyable with a little brother when their excitement becomes uncontainable because tree = Christmas = presents. 

*correction- mulled cider and wine... girl isn't fussy ;)*


  1. Wow! So lovely. Happy new year to you, friend!


  2. Yes to Love, Actually! I watch it every year! It's my favorite!
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes