Sourced from Anthropologie
Anthropologie gets me so excited... maybe it's because I'm a textile student? Although it's probably the same for all women because how can you not be pulled in by all the beautiful textures and patterns! And their Instagram is dreamy, it's where I collected these images from, over the last few months (give it a look if you don't follow already). The white bedspread is one of my favourite things from the pictures. It looks so beautiful and clean but not boring because of the ruffle detail and paired with the beautiful prints on the wall above, it's perfect. The other bedspread is also beautiful, the blue is so rich and lovely with the cool grey walls. I love the tropical wallpaper image, the colour palette there is on point. I think it gives a really warn cosy feel compared to the quite minimalist shape of the chairs. And lastly the pillow picture.. because how much do I want every one in my room right now! Basically I think it's fair to say I want to Anthropologie my house... and my life... agree?


I'm pretty sure you'll all have realised by now (thanks to previous posts and Instagram) that I'm back in the UK, finishing my second year undergrad studies in Falmouth! And let me tell you... it's been a hectic month settling back in and getting my shit together regarding work/money/friends/life things I'd neglected while away. But all is calm now and I've allowed my self a second away from uni to snuggle up in bed (with tea and a variety of Cadbury treats) and write a blog post! I'm a strong believer in change being good so even though I was sad to leave Salzburg I knew it wasn't really a bad thing. And I'm so thankful for the experience of living there and to have another place in the world I can call home! But I want to keep things exciting so even though university takes up a lot of my time, especially compared to the amount of work I did on Erasmus, I've managed to squeeze in quite a lot for the coming Easter holiday. I'll be visiting Prague with some girlfriends which is very exciting, I have a friend from Salzburg coming to stay with me in England and we will be doing lots of fun tourist things in London and the Southeast and I'll be going back with her to Salzburg for a little while too = fun things to post about!! 

Hope you're all well and sorry for the recent lack of posts!