Slightly strange post title, I realise... let me explain. About four years ago I watched the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin and didn't think much of it, not a massive Nicolas Cage or Penelope Cruz fan to be honest. But I saw the book in Waterstones (April 2015... this review is so late) and it had a recommendation card from one of the female employees (you know the ones I mean?) basically saying it changed her life.. plus books are always better than their adaptations so I bought it. 


Louis de Bernieres tells lot's of different stories which all intertwine to create a really deep understanding of World War Two in Greece and of the different characters personalities and lives. It is the most beautiful, moving and tragic war/romance I've ever read and I loved it for two main reasons. Reason 1; I found it really eyeopening to learn about the Greek, Albanian and Italian involvement in WWII as it's a part I'd never learnt about in school. Bernieres describes the war in such a raw, matter of fact way that you are constantly reminded similar situations like those in the story would really have happened. Reason 2; it is next level romantic and unfortunately I now expect so much from a relationship I wont ever be satisfied/happy even with the nicest of guys. I blame Carlo... he is by far my favourite character. 

I won't say anymore other than stress to those who have seen the film how different the book is. Let me know if you read it on my recommendation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


One day I will write these travel posts as soon as I return so they're fresh and full of detail and little astute insights I'm sure I had while exploring such creative, buzzing places... Anyway as you Insta stalkers already know last week I spent four days in Prague with my girlfriends. I had no idea what to expect from Prague as (very unlike me) I prepared and researched nothing about the city beforehand. (Potentially a sign I'm getting old and boring, less excitement in the build up to going?) So going by guide books and leaflets collected at the airport we packed as much into the four days as possible, sleep being lowest priority. And even then, with minimal time spent horizontal, we definitely needed another week to see everything the city has to offer. 

The first few days were spent walking from important historical and impressive architectural landmark to landmark, my favourite part of city breaks. Prague castle was particularly beautiful, both the pictures above were taken there. It sits just outside of the centre on a steep hill so the views are amazing, as is the walk to the castle which I definitely recommend over getting the funicular up there. Plus you'll come across the most beautiful Starbucks when walking around the castle which for basic bbloggers is a must see, of course! The old town square was also particularly beautiful, you can see a bit of in the picture below. There is currently a Dali exhibition in a museum there which I really enjoyed and 100% recommend checking out as it's cheap and houses a lot of work of his I'd never seen before. The Warhol one was not as good. I'll also quickly mention my OOTD- the coat is a new purchase from French Connection. It's perfect for summer, very lightweight but still kept me warm when the sun went away. Leggings are Puma, most comfortable things on the planet and really flattering round the bum and tummy area because of the thick elasticated band. Trainers are New Balance and top is a basic scoop neck crop from Topshop! 

The nightlife in Prague was another fun part of the holiday despite me not being a massive clubbing fan and despite the hoards of drunk English/Irish hen and stag dos making meeting natives almost impossible. But drinks and club entry was all so so cheap (maximum you pay for a pint of beer is £1) so that was good. One of the leaflets recommended a popular Czech beer garden in Letenske sady which was amazing. The view of the city was really pretty from up there and in the summer I imagine it being the best place for a chilled drink because of the welcome shade from the trees. I'd go back just for that! But actually I want to go back anyway and am looking into doing an Erasmus work placement in Prague next summer because I enjoyed it so much! Have any of you been to Prague or do any of you live there? What are your favourite parts of the city I may have missed?


Even though I still have thirteen months left of university (eight of which are term time) I can't help but get excited for life afterwards as I plan on moving to London to toughen up, get a job and experience big city life! And I have a beautiful rose tinted, unrealistic imagination concerning the flat I will be able to afford... which manifests itself on my Scandinavian Interiors Pinterest BoardI want huge floor to ceiling Georgian sash windows letting masses of light into large, wooden floored, white wall rooms full of greenery and 70's teak furniture. A space that relaxes but inspires me. A typical red or white brick, terrace house found in SW1. Yeah... a girl can dream. But I think my textile experience combined with neat freak-ness and generally being a bit of a premature housewife means if I did have the money for property like this you can be sure it would be beautiful.