Obviously I can't get enough of Austria because for the third time this year I hopped on a plane at Gatwick to visit the beautiful country. I didn't blog about my trip in the easter break because I don't want to bore you guys with the same old stuff and most of you will have read my Salzburg post already. But this time I was whisked away for the weekend by my friend Matt to celebrate my 21st birthday and as our destination was so breathtaking I've decided to share it with you. He kept where we were going a complete surprise so I had no idea what to expect which, despite my incessant need to organise, was really exciting for me!

Observant ones of you will already know from the post title that we spent our weekend in Wachau Valley! Look how beautiful it is... and I promise the pictures don't even do the place justice!! Wachau is a UNESCO world heritage sight of natural beauty and also the most established wine region in Austria, two facts that massively pleased me! We drank our fair share.. understandably? Though we also spent lots of time cycling and exploring the area. Two pictures up you can see the Renaissance Hotel where we stayed. It was so perfectly picturesque and cute, our room was lovely and so was the town on the Danube it was in. We hired bikes from the hotel which made me exceptionally happy as since moving back to England I've really missed cycling everywhere! Especially through scenery like this! 

My favourite place in the valley we visited was Durnstein. Definitely google to see how beautiful it is as I didn't manage to get many decent pictures other than the one at the top of the post taken from the castle which overlooks the town. Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned by Leopold V in this castle during the time of the Crusades so it is very old and now a ruin, you can see part of it two pictures up. The walk up there was pretty and relaxed though so hot (potentially just for me and not Matt because I'm so unfit haha) even though the sun was setting when we went. I also really enjoyed walking round the blue church.

Wachau is know for its Smargad wines which are named after a tiny little emerald green lizard found along the sides of the Danube. They are quite uncommon according to google (researching like a good blogger!) but we saw one of the little guys! It was so cute and such a nice surprise to actually spot one after seeing lizard logos all over the place. And that really was the cherry on top of the cake for me. I had such a perfect weekend there and the rest of the week in Salzburg was equally as lovely. Can't wait until my next trip to Austria!


This is a little late... such a broken record, aren't I? But it's still worth posting because look how pretty. England seems so crap in comparison and two weeks on I'm still dealing with mild holiday blues because I miss real sun and swimming everyday! So three beautiful friends and myself recently spent about a week in Crete exploring and relaxing and I thought I'd share some pictures and stories with you. I've also made a vlog which you can watch here if you're interested. Just a heads up for some reason the video isn't playing on phones or tablets... only computers, no idea why. 

I love Greece... amazing food, interesting history, perfect weather. And on this holiday we did a bit of everything so I'm only going to talk about my favourite days otherwise the post will get really long! I think it was the second day (this is why I should write the post when everything is fresh in my memory) that we went on a boat trip. We spent most of the day enjoying the view from the boat and eating lot's of delicious fresh fruit on the way to and from a town called Sissi which you can see in the picture above. So beautiful. The flower tunnel was amazing, definitely google it! We also stopped off to snorkel in a really pretty bay area on the way where saw lots of fish! I love snorkelling with friends especially when the water is so clear.

I'm a little obsessed with Greek history and mythology so of course we did a culture filled activity day! We started by visiting the beautiful Monastery of Kardiotissa (which you can see three pictures up) on the top of a mountain near Heraklion. The view was really breath taking and our tour guide was so lovely and informative. We had to cover out legs and shoulders to go inside the Church so the nuns lent us some really cute skirts which I wish we could have kept... even Instagramed the outfit haha. After that we visited a pottery workshop where I got a little hands on! And then, my favourite part of the day, we hiked up to the Cave of Zeus, where the myths say he was born. The cave was really impressive and the view of Lassithi Plateau which you can see two pictures up was also amazing. We then visited the Knossos Palace which is where King Minor lived (minotaur myth). This whole day was organised by a travel company in Crete called Tourline which I 100% recommend checking out because the day was amazing and so cheap, especially for students!

Lastly I'll tell you about our day on Chrissi Island because that was another highlight for me mainly because of the water! The ferry ride there was long and horrible because of how hot it was so I'd definitely recommend making sure your ferry is air conditioned before buying tickets!! But once you get there it is completely worth it. The island is uninhabited and a nature reserve so the beauty is very well preserved and maintained. The main beach looks like sand but is actually lots of tiny shells and there is also a salt marsh which I guess is why the water is so clear. There is a church and some ruins to visit too but it was such a hot day when we went we decided to stay by the sea in the breeze under our umbrellas except for a little walk we went on over the volcanic rock bed which looked like massive slabs of pumice! 

We stayed in the little village of Piskopiano which was a perfect base for visiting all of these places. There and in the two neighbouring villages were lot's of restaurants and we especially liked one called Sergiani Restaurant where they made the best stone baked pizza ever! Piskopiano was also a short walk from the bigger town of Hersonissos which is where we booked our tours and boat trip. The beach there was also quite nice. The only downside to where we were was it was too far from Samaria Gorge which I would have loved to have hiked through. That's about it really, hope you liked the pictures!