Postgraduate Life Planning

My final ever university deadline is Friday, 28th June... aka tomorrow. Mix feelings about that, not going to lie. On the one hand, the potential of future life, moving forward, new adventures (blah blah) greatly appeals to me. So does not ever having to write a project concept or evaluation to fit the criteria of my university. But... on the other hand, a;zkdjcbsadl. Panic stations. The uncertainty and certain lack of structure to my live for the foreseeable future stresses me out immensely. I wont have a student loan every three months backing me up, just the looming presence of debt. I also wont be living in Falmouth with my beautiful/lovely/perfect house mates! Thankfully I have managed to get myself an internship for a little bit of the summer and my boss at home has agreed to take me back over the busiest period which means money. So it's a mixed bag, I'm not completely doomed... just a bit scared. 

These pictures have literally nothing to do with the above rant... but I thought I might as well do a little Instagram update to lighten the mood!! I seem to have a bit of a blue theme going at the moment, entirely due to the amazing weather we've been having in Cornwall over the last few weeks. The mountainscape picture is a throwback from Germany, hiking around Konigssee. To the right is a picture of The Real Greek in Covent Garden which I ate in with my aunt over easter. They do Greek tapas and it's delicious! The row below are all from my trip to Poland which you can read about here. That salmon and poached egg breakfast was divine, if you're ever in Falmouth check out Espressini for amazing food and coffee. All the sea pictures are from climbing trips in Cornwall... and that's about it, hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week and I'll try to post again soon! x

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