My Favourite Tan Products for Summer

Being a blindingly pale legged creature, I have tried and tested a fair few gradual tan products over the years. Unfortunately for me, I have the sort of translucent skin that spontaneously turns blue/purple so (when I can be bothered!) these have become life/leg changing. I use a Superdrug tanning mitt to apply and I thoroughly exfoliate before the first layer and lightly between the others to avoid dreaded patchiness which younger teenage me seemed to be prone to. 

I much prefer the Classic Gradual Tan to the Tinted version, but being one of I'm guessing many who have barely any time to apply the stuff, the Tinted deepens the colour of my tan instantly. They both have that biscuity tan smell which I don't really mind, but many do so here is my warning! Also they're a little more expensive than other drugstore gradual tans but so much better, less streaky, a cooler colour and longer lasting. I don't mind forking out a bit more to have these over the Dove Summer Glow for example, which I have used in the past! The Bodyshop Honey Bronze is amazing, we all know! It is my everyday face bronzer but I also use it over my gradual tan for extra colour. And that is it!! So now, we just have to pray for more suitable legs out weather in England!! 


  1. Haha I admit I tan really easily so I don't require too much maintenance when it comes to self tanner. That said, in the winter I will keep an eye out for St. Tropez products - I've heard from multiple places (including here). Great recommendation!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Oooh lucky you!! But yes, definitely try for winter! x