My Top 5 Favourite European Cities

Obviously at 21 years of age, being well traveled, sophisticated, insightful etc. I am highly qualified to write a list on the best cities in Europe. JOKING... although I do wish I was all those things! So yes, not entirely qualified to comment on the best cities in Europe. Instead I'm going to share my favourite cities out of the ones I've been to! I am feeling incredibly wanderlust-y at the moment, I think due to being cooped up in Cornwall too long. So I'm releasing some tension in reminiscing and nostalgic post writing. Hope you enjoy and let me know what your favourite cities in Europe are so I can go and visit them!!

I first went to Paris age 13 on a school trip to see a rugby match and visit disneyland. I can't tell you what the point of this trip was but for some reason it happened... thankfully I have been back and re-experienced all there is to do in Paris (which is a lot more than rugby and disney)! I love the architecture, the art galleries and the relaxed atmosphere. It definitley is a romantic city like the stereotype suggests soo I think I'll have to find myself a boyfriend and go back! 

Obviously Salzburg had to make this list... I am in love with this beautiful Austrian city. The old town is magical, the river in the summer is perfect to sit by and the castle overlooking everything completes the fairy tale setting. The mountain scenery in and around Salzburg is also incredibly beautiful at all times of year. I'd definitely recommend visiting Salzburg for a chilled out/sightseeing/outdoorsy holiday.

Hands down best city in Spain... a bit of a sweeping statement, I know but Valencia is amazing. There is so much to see/do. Castles, architecture, art galleries, nightlife and the food! It's also reasonably cheap. Valencia was potentially my favourite girls holiday ever. Very chilled, very hot, want to go back! 

I grew up roughly an hour outside of London so know the city pretty well. But I still want to live there one day because I'm convinced only by living in such a huge city (twice the total population of the whole of New Zealand.. wtf) will you ever be even close to knowing all its secrets!! Unfortunately it is definitely the most expensive city on this list but there are so many free things to do there, like all the museums. Don't let the prices put you off because there isn't any other city quite like London!! Biased view maybe... I don't know! 

Last but not least is Prague. Another girls holiday where I got the bare minimum amount of sleep to survive! Prague is beautiful, especially the view from the castle and despite being incredibly tired and the weather not being amazing, I loved this city. It is very gothic and grand and the beer is so so cheap, as in maximum £1 for a pint cheap which potentially adds to my fond memories of the place! 


  1. what a beautiful place!
    keep in touch

  2. my favourite cities have to be berlin because its my home, copenhagen, gothenburg and london. i would actually love to live in cornwall. i was blown away when i stayed there in 2015.

    1. I also love Berlin and haven't ever been to Copenhagen or Gothenburg but would love to! Ahh you're right, Cornwall isn't that bad haha

  3. These cities are all so cute!

  4. Paris and London are superb! I would love to visit those European countries in th future :)

  5. I've been to some of these cities and they certainly are magnificent! I LOVED Valencia - there's such a great historical charm about it!
    Great list! Hope you'll do more traveling soon! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I completely agree, Valencia is amazing! Thankyou and me too haha x

  6. From the cities you mentioned I've only been to London (which I loved by the way <3). From cities I've visited my two current faves are Berlin and Vienna :)
    Paris and Prague are next on my wishlist!

    1. I also love Berlin and Vienna!! I could live in both of those cities whereas I couldn't live in a few of these. These are favourites for holidaying in I think! Paris and Prague are amazing, you'll love them x