Bobbi Brown Haul

I have been meaning to share this haul for weeks... but absolutely uselessly of me, I repeatedly forgot I'd already taken the pictures and instead kept posting something else. Nevermind, at least it's not a January favourites or anything particularly relevant to last month! So, in this mini haul I have two Bobbi Brown products. One I quite like and one I'm not a huge fan of.... The concealer is lovely, applied with fingers to warm it up a little I'd compare it to MAC Studio Finish. I need to try both together to work out which I prefer, I think the colour of this one is perfect for me though. The Shimmer Brick, I was so excited for because everyone loves them (late to the bandwagon I know). But I never find myself reaching to use this, it's too glittery for me. Maybe I'm just too in love with my Charlotte Tilbury one to be a fair judge?

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